Ask the help of a debt collection lawyer

Having a customer that is not paying the invoice, or maybe even invoices, that you have send them can be a very unpleasant situation to be in. On the one hand you want your money, but it might take a lot of your time to get this and you might wonder if it is all worth it in the end. Especially if the invoice is not of a very high amount of money, you might consider just cutting your losses and move on. We advise you to never do this. Of course it is wise to weigh the pros and cons, but in the end you have deserved this money and you have every right to ask for it. When you send your invoices make sure you put a final date of payment on the invoice. This will make it easier for you to show the customer that their payment is overdue and that you will send them a reminder at that point. It is important that you do this. There are a few steps you have to go through before you can reach out to a debt collection lawyer and get his or her help.

  • Send the first invoice
  • After the final date: send a reminder
  • Two weeks later: another reminder either by phone call or a registered letter
  • After another two weeks you can call your debt collection lawyer

It is important to know that in The Netherlands when you send an invoice to either a company or an individual and you do not mention a final date of payment, they have to pay said invoice within 30 days. This is according to the law, so this is always final. You can however decide to make this period of payment shorter, but you have to mention that on the invoice.

The debt collection lawyer will help you out

The different steps you have to go through to get your money are important to follow. When you do not do this the debt collection lawyer might have a harder time to get your money. In the end you will probably get it, but it could take a while longer. Of course, you want your money as fast as possible, so always make sure to follow the listed steps. Not only for the debt collection lawyer, but most of all for yourself. Set up a system to remind yourself when you have to take action and what you need to do. In most cases your invoices will be paid on time, but just for those rare occasions this does not happen, it is wise to know what you have to do. From that point on the debt collection lawyer will take over.

The debt collection lawyer knows best

In The Netherlands there are a lot of rules regarding invoices, payment and what to do in case of no payment. As an entrepreneur it can be hard to know every single one of those regulations, but luckily for you the debt collection lawyer does. If you end up in a situation like this, contact the debt collection lawyer from Finanza Debt Collection Solutions. They have a lot of experience in this area and they can tell you exactly what to do. Is it time to take action, then they will be by your side to help you out. It is always a smart move to work together with someone who knows about the business and the debt collection lawyer is the person you are looking for in this situation.