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Appearance makes the man is a truth one cannot avoid. Even if you dress as if you do not care about your appearance, then you still appear like someone who doesn’t care about his or her appearance. This means that people can still categorize you and put you in a box. There is no avoiding it. The harder you try, the more easily you are classified. So it is best to accept the fact and try to find the clothing and items that suit you and fit with what you want to express. If the people classify you anyway, then you best make sure they put you in the correct box. It would be a shame if people see you as en emo person even though you define yourself as a gothic person. So when you are a musician, you need to be recognized as such. If you are a guitar player you can choose various outfits. It all depends on the kind of music you make. If you play garage rock, then you need to wear black worn out clothes. If you play a lot of country themed music, it might be good to wear some cowboy boots. When you are indeed a guitar player you also need to think about the guitar straps you use. These need to fit with the rest of your outfit and they need to represent your kind of music. So when you play rock, you cannot get away with a pink guitar strap. If you were to live in the seventies and you play psychedelic music, you would be able to choose some nice colorful guitar straps with weird symbols. These guitar straps would symbolize the trip people experience due to the music and the drugs they are probably on. So when you are on stage, you must never underestimate the power of appearance. A small detail can make all the difference, so you need to make sure you look good. You cannot perform if you do not feel comfortable in your clothes, so you must spend some time on your appearance. If you want to appear as if you do not care, then you can choose some guitar straps that look used and worn out. If you are on stage in a black suit and tie, you can use nice classy leather guitar straps. For an overview of all the various options, you can visit

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