What are benefits of a gigE camera?

Have you been looking for a good camera, and specifically one that can be used for machine vision purposes? But must the camera also be affordable? A camera aimed at industrial and pharmaceutical purposes and applications is the gigE camera from Daheng Imaging. A good selling point for a camera such as this is Get Cameras. Here, the cameras are offered for an affordable and doable price. Moreover, you will also get excellent support if there are any questions to be answered. The industrial gigE cameras are also of high quality and have a 3-year long warranty. The longevity of the cameras makes it even more appealing!

What is a gigE camera?

A gigE camera, or lengthened to gigabit Ethernet, is a very common interface being used to connect vision cameras in machine vision applications. The power supply for the camera is then the network cable, that in this case also works as a communication tool. The gigabit Ethernet cameras a commonly used in factories with as purpose the product quality inspections and automating processes. The camera will provide a RAW image, of which the data is communicated to a computer via the network cable. Hence, the name Gigabit Ethernet camera. With image processing software or systems, it is the decided what to do next. This could be for example what products a robot should separate from what other products. In fact, the gigE cameras are designed specifically to send RAW image data to a computer at the highest possible speed available. It is RAW data, meaning the data is not compressed. This will allow for very precise analysis during image-processing. Ideal here is also that the cameras can be controlled down to mere microseconds. Since the cameras are from Daheng imaging, the camera model will be available for at least 7 years, so there will be no need to worry about the camera’s availability. 

gigE camera versus usb cameras

Among others, USB cameras are also commonly used types of cameras for machine vision and image processing. However, gigE cameras have a couple of benefits that the usb cameras do not have. To make these points clear, there is a list of these points provided below. 

  • The cable length of a gigabit Ethernet camera has a maximum of about 100 meters. In contrast, the usb 2 and usb 3 cameras have cables that are only a couple of meters long, less than 10, in fact. 
  • The gigabit Ethernet cameras do not have a frame-grabber. This allows the cameras to be cheaper compared to usb cameras. 
  • The gigabit Ethernet cameras can transport the data streams at a high speed, till 100 MB per second. 
  • The cameras make use of the standard interface, which is suitable for almost every computer hardware. 
  • In contrast to the usb cameras, the gigE camera has the option of supplying power to the camera with a data cable. This may also be known to you by PoE, short for Power Over Ethernet. 

A gigE camera can thus be ideal to use for machine vision and image processing. The industrial cameras also have benefits usb cameras do not have. Since Get Cameras offers high-quality gigE cameras for a decent price, it is certainly worth a look!