Reasons for establishing a Dutch Holding Company

Far more businesspeople and companies make use of a Dutch Holding Company than most people realise. A Dutch Holding Company is one of the most effective and popular ways to dramatically improve the financial circumstances of a variety of types of business, particularly those involved in the financial sector and other highly-regulated business areas. There are many important reasons that this is the case, there are plenty of distinct advantages and in many cases it is highly recommended to seriously consider making use of a Dutch Holding Company. There are, however, important pitfalls that should be taken into account before attempting to start a Dutch Holding Company, particularly without sufficient information and expert help.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Dutch Holding Company

A Dutch Holding Company is a fantastic way to buy and sell shares in other companies and to have control over another company. They allow more freedom, without having to have a more specific own function. While holding companies are possible in many countries, a Dutch Holding Company has specific advantages over the same sort of set-up in other countries. For example:

  • The Netherlands imposes very little regulation on holding companies;
  • There are lower taxation rates than most over large economies;
  • You can take advantage of the shared marketplace with other European Union economies;
  • Requirements are very relaxed compared to many other countries.

All of this means that establishing a Dutch Holding Company allows you to buy and sell shares in other companies at favourable prices, with lower risk and with more freedom than would be possible in the United State of America or Great Britain, for example. Once your company is established, it is virtually free to trade shares as it likes, much as an individual would be but with significantly lower personal risk. Of course, the process of establishing a Dutch Holding Company does come with challenges. While the system in the Netherlands is particularly favourable to financial sector business, the are still many requirements to fill before you are able to establish such an entity, including Dutch-language forms that must be filled and country-specific registration processes. These are generally not too onerous once you know the process, but can be time-consuming and frustrating to an individual not previously acquainted with the system and the processes involved. If you are not careful and you launch into the formation of such a company without sufficient preparation, you may find yourself investing far more time and money than is necessary. For that reason, the vast majority of people who intend to start a Dutch Holding Company from abroad enlist the help of experts, like those working at Intercompany Solutions.

Getting expert help

There are people who have been through the required process multiple times, who have encountered any possible complications and pitfalls in the past and know exactly which forms need to be completed, which steps need to be taken and in what order. Intercompany Solutions provides valuable advice on the website,, but their real value comes in personal contact with their agents via telephone or email. By investing a small amount of money and time in the services provided by Intercompany Solutions, your Dutch Holding Company can be up and running far more efficiently, saving you a far larger amount of time and money than you initially invested. Intercompany Solutions are able to have a company set up and running in the Netherlands in a matter of days in many cases, which allows you to get on with the important business of running your company as well as investing your money for the future.