Set up your Dutch BV in no time now!

Set up your Dutch BV in no time and become successful now! The Dutch BV stands for Besloten Vennootschap. We will tell you everything about the Besloten Vennootschap, BV, but we will also tell you things about ways to become successful, because that is a thing where a lot of people do have struggles with. We start with some tips to set up your Dutch BV. 

Tips to set up you Dutch BV

But perhaps most important, how to become a successful person? In order to set up you Dutch BV, you have to become successful but you als have to meet a number of requirements, which we have set out here for you, especially for you. Foreign entrepreneurs and international companies want to start new activities in The Netherlands. Doing so, they often set up a Dutch BV. To incorporate limited liability companies (LLC) in Dutch BV’s, Besloten Vennootschappen. The Netherlands BV is the same as the English Ltd. or the German UG company. The Dutch BV is the most common type of company structure to establish a holding company in Holland. The main traits of the Dutch BV are the following: 

  • The minimum share capital is EUR 1
  • The shareholder is liable, only for the amount that had been paid as share capital
  • The shareholders are registered in the Dutch company register
There are more traits, amongst others the issuing or transferring of the shares, they require permission from the shareholder or shareholders if there’s more than one shareholder. We will continue with the last part of this blog, because how you do become successful in life then? Is this something we can learn or is that impossible? 

How to be successful in life? 

There are a lot of ways te become successful. You have to stop looking for the silver bullet, you have to start creating better and realistic goal and you definitely have to stop looking for validation and you should start living you dreams. Besides, you have to stop looking for a mentor and you have to stop blocking yourself. Instead, start doing and you will become successful. You will set up you Dutch BV and moreover you will reach the goal you have always wanted to reach. It is all about mindset and you have to train yourself. You have to train hard, you have to become harder for yourself but not only for yourself, also for other people. It is beautiful to become proud of yourself and to be able to say: I made it, despite what others told me, I have reached what I always wanted to reach. So, you can set up your Dutch BV, but only if your mindset is good and if you do believe in yourself and in all the possibilities. Don’t ever let people bring you down or let people tell you otherwise, because you definitely can set up your own Dutch BV and once you have set up your Dutch BV and everything goes well, you won’t have to worry the next years after.